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Michelle M Osborne

 Redondo Beach, CA 90277




2000-2003 Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA:  B.A in Dance-Cum Laude

1997-2000 Walled Lake Central High School, Walled Lake, MI, High School Diploma


Professional Performance Experience:

2010- 2017 Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Dallas, TX

2011 The Wiz, Dallas Theater Center, Dallas, TX

2006-2009 Ballet Creole, Toronto, Ontario

2007 National Dance Theatre of Jamaica Guest Artist, Kingston, Jamaica

2003-2005 Garth Fagan Dance, Rochester, NY


Selected Major Performances:

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

2012 London Cultural Olympiad, Edinburgh, Scotland

2014 Featured Performers on Capital Jazz Cruise, Caribbean

2012,2015 Bliss Center for Performing Arts, Belize City, Belize

2011 The Wiz- Dallas Theater Center, Kevin Moriarty, Director,

Ensemble Dancer/Singer,Choreography by Christopher Huggins, Dallas, TX

2010-2017 Publik Playhouse, Cheverly, MD

2011-2016 Ailey City Group Theatre, NYC, NY

2017 Joyce Theatre APAP

2010-2016 DANCE AFRICA, Dallas, TX

2010-2017 Winter Series, Cultural Awareness and Spring Celebration series, Wyly Theatre, Dallas, TX

2010-2017 International Associations of Blacks in Dance Conference, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington D.C, Dallas, Cleveland, Denver, Dallas

2012,2015 Bliss Center for Performing Arts, Belize City, Belize


Ballet Creole

2009-2006 Spring Season & Soulful Messiah, Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Trinidad & Tobago Tour, Emancipation Festival & Cultural Heritage Festival

Garth Fagab Dance Company

2003-2005 Joyce Theatre, New York, NY

2003- 2005 Home Season at Nazareth College Arts Center, Rochester, NY

2005 Jazz at Lincoln Center live w/ Wynton Marsalis & Billy Bang/ 35th anniversary of company NYC, NY

2005 Ted Shawn Theatre, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, Becket, MA

2005 Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

2004 Opening of Rose Hall @ Lincoln Center, Opening of Freedom Center, Dayton, OH

2004 Fall for Dance City Center Festival New York, NY

2004 “Griot New York” Nationwide Tour with live band

2004 Opening of National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, OH

2003 “Griot New York” Live w/Wynton Marsalis Septet, Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY



Dallas Black Dance Theatre-

Vespers- Ulysses Dove (1986, DBDT Premiere 2011)

Escapades-Alvin Ailey (1983, DBDT Premiere 2012)

Nascimento- David Parsons (1990)

Absolute Rule- Elisa Monte (DBDT premiere1994)

Pigs and Fishes - Elisa Monte (1982, DBDT premiere 2009)

Variations 1- Milton Myers (2003)

Pacing –Milton Myers (1986)

in.ter.pret- Hope Boykin (2005, revised 2015)

Lambarena-Troy Powell (2002)

Instinct 11:1 - Francesca Harper (2010)

Night Run- Christopher Huggins (2003)

Jazz Course 101- Duet Christopher Huggins (2009)

Beams from Heaven –Christopher Huggins (2010)

His Grace- Christopher Huggins (World Premiere 2014)

Thinking of You –Rennie Harris (World Premiere 2012)

Nina Simone Project- Dianne McIntyre (World Premiere 2011)

A Boundless Journey -Dianne McIntyre (2007)

Southern Recollections: For Romare Bearden Bridget L. (World Premiere 2013)

Lost in Memory- Nejila Y. Yatkin (2006)

Simple Prayer- Baba Chuck Davis (2009)

Etudes & Elogy - Gene Hill Sagan (1990)

Red- Bruce Wood (Premiere 2001)

Smoke - Bruce Wood (2001)

Tribute- Matthew Rushing (Premiere 2016)

Furtherance- Kirven Douthit- Boyd (Premiere 2016)

B-side- Tiffany Rea Fisher - (Premiere 2016)

Tower –Andy Noble (Premiere 2012)

…And Now Marvin – Darryl Sneed (1995)

Pulse- Ray Mercer (2007)

Touch (listen)- Christopher Vo (Premiere 2014)

Thrown for a Loop- Lily Cabatu Weiss (Premiere 2014)

Monologues – Sean J. Smith (Premiere 2013)

Una Familia, Todos Unidos- Gumaro Armando Silva & Richard A. Freeman, Jr (Premiere 2014)

Polarity- Richard A. Freeman, Jr. (Premiere 2014)

Oremus- Richard A Freeman, Jr. (Premiere 2015)

Phoenix- Zach Law Ingram (2008)

Memoirs- Garfield Lemonius (2013)

Testament –Katricia Eaglin (Premiere 2014)


Garth Fagan Dance Company

Woza –Garth Fagan (1999)

Life: Dark/Light Garth Fagan (2005)


Translation Transition-Garth Fagan (2003)

Two Pieces of One: Green- Garth Fagan (1998)

Griot New York – Garth Fagan (1991)

Prelude – Garth Fagan (1981, revised 1883)

From Before- Garth Fagan (1978)

Touring Jubilee 1924- Garth Fagan (1982)

Trips and Trysts - Garth Fagan (2000)

----ING- Garth Fagan (2004)


Ballet Creole

Contemporary Voices- Milton Myers (Premiere 2006, revised 2008)

Trilogy- Milton Myers (Premiere 2009)

Old Hannah- Danny Grossman (Premiere 2008)

Paul Simon Suite- Gabby Kamino (2006)

Back To Bach- Gabby Kamino (Premiere 2008)

Superhero- Gabby Kamino (Premiere 2007)

Soulful Messiah –Patrick Parson (2002)

Ritual- Patrick Parson

Sankofa- Patrick Parson

Carnival – Patrick Parson


National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica

Under the Direction of Rex Nettleford- 45th Anniversary Season

2007-The Little Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica

The Crossing- Rex Nettleford (1978)

Gerrebenta- Rex Nettleford (1983)

Kumina- Rex Nettleford (1971)

Hair- Arsenio Andrade (2007)


Performed Additional Works by:

2010 MFA program, Twoness by Colette Brandenburg, Roehampton University, London, UK

2010 Collabo, choreography by Cindy Claes Stratford Circus, London, UK

2007 National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica 45th Anniversary Season, The Little Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica

2006 Minus 16 by Ohad Naharin and Dreamworks by Elisa Monte

2003 Circle Line Square- Robert Battle, Silk and Steel- Toni Pimble & Untitiled -Heidi Latsky

1999 Nutcracker -Iacub Lascu

1996 Nutckracker - Evelyn Kreason

1997-2000 Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker - Cornelia Sampson


Teaching Experience:

2021 Current Pilates Instructor: Group and Private lessons; Mat and Apparatus

2018- 2022 Current Co-Founder of Dance Up Dallas Summer Intensive: Dallas, TX

2019 Current Equinox Group Fitness Teacher -Pilates Mat, Athletic/Vinyasa/ Restorative Yoga, Studio Dance, Trilogy Bar, Precision Run, Elevate, Choreo Cult

2020-2021 Gabriella Charter School 1 &2 Dance Teacher K- 8

2019 Adjunct Dance Professor California State University at Fullerton- FALL/SPRING Adjunct Faculty Modern 1-3 Horton technique, Fullerton, CA

2019 Guest Teacher Orange County School of the Arts; Orange County, CA

2019- Riviera Fitness Yoga Instructor, Redondo Beach, CA

2019 Founder of Shifting Bodies- Teacher of Dance, Yoga, Pilates Mat

2018- 2019 Current Co-Founder of Dance Up Dallas Summer Intensive: Dallas, TX

2018- Modern teacher Contemporary Ballet of Dallas Summer Intensive; Dallas, TX

2014- 2018 Kitty Carter Dance Factory: Junior, Teen and Senior Company Ballet, Pointe, Modern, 4-5 year old ballet, 5-6 year ballet, 7-9 ballet, 9-12 year ballet- Dallas, TX

2012- 2017 Director of Senior Performing Ensemble, Dallas Black Dance Academy, Dallas, TX

2011-2012 Director of Junior Performing Ensemble, Dallas Black Dance Academy, Dallas, TX

2014-2018 Company ballet class teacher DBDT

2012-2016 Master Class teacher on tour DBDT

2016 Dallas Independent School District Summer Intensive – All levels for Highschool Ballet Program, Dallas, TX

2010- 2017 Dallas Black Dance Academy: Adult Ballet and Modern, Int, Int/Adv Ballet, Beg- Int/Adv Modern, Int/Adv Jazz -Dallas, TX

2011-2015 DBDT Summer Enrichment Program: Ballet, Afro- Caribbean, Dallas, TX

2009-2015 Summer Intensive for Spyceland Dancers: Jazz, Modern, Ballet, St Georges, Grenada

2014 National Cultural Foundation Summer Intensive: Ballet, Modern- Bridgetown, Barbados

2009 United Nations After School Program: Dance teacher NYC, NY

2009 Uptown Sports Complex: Creative Movement and Pre- Ballet, NYC, NY

2009 Teaching Assistant to Milton Myers: Horton Technique, Toronto, Ontario

2007/2008 Edna Manley Summer Dance Intensive: Modern, Jazz, Kingston, Jamaica

2006 Compania International De Teatro Musical: modern dance, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Master Classes: DBDT, Ballet Creole, GFD, Spain Middle School, Rochester School of Dance, Cornelia’s School of Dance Detroit, MI & Etobikoe School of the Arts Toronto, Ontario




2014-2018 Kitty Carter Dance Factory Recital Pieces Ballet, modern, Dallas, TX

2011-2017 Dallas Black Dance Theatre Junior/ Senior Performing Ensembles, Dallas, TX

2018- Contemporary Ballet of Dallas Summer Intensive modern, Dallas, TX

2010-2017 Dallas Black Dance Theatre Recital ballet, modern, jazz pieces, Dallas, TX

2017- Children’s Chorus of Dallas, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas, TX

2017 Mish Mash- North Park Dallas, Majestic Theatre and SMU, Dallas, TX

2011-2017 Booker T School for Performing and Visual Arts High School Freshman Audition Solos (18 dancers)

2016 Spell on You- North Park Center, Dallas, TX

2015 Cirrus: Senior solo- Booker T Washington School for the Performing & Visual Arts, Dallas, TX

2015 El Corazon de Espana- Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX & SMU

2015 A Breath of Heaven: SMU Meadows School of the Arts, Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX

2014 This Place was a Shelter- Majestic Theater, North Park Center, Dallas, TX

2014 El Tango de Roxanne- Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX

2013 Fela & Fly -Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX

2013 Paint the City (Dance Africa Dallas) -Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, Dallas, TX

2012 Roxy Hart & Contagious- Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX

2011 Viaje Hermosa & Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX

2010 Spain Middle School, Detroit All City Dance Concert, Detroit, MI

2009 -2015 Spyceland Dancers- Modern and Jazz pieces, St. Georges, Grenada

2007 Edna Manley Summer Dance Intensive: Art Scope, Kingston, Jamaica

2007 "Lisanga " solo; Ballet Creole Cuba Fundraiser, Toronto, Ontario

2005 “Give Thanks” Spain Middle School, Detroit, MI

2003-2002 “Endocee ena Endocae” Point Park University, Spain Middle School


Entertainment Industry:

2016 Festival of Ideas- feature dancer in film, Dallas, TX

2015-2018 Jordan Kahn Music Company - Dancer, Dallas, TX

2008 BRAVO Dance Film “Biania”, dancer in dance film, Toronto, Canada

2007 Tessanne Chin- “Blackbook” featured dancer in music video, Kingston, Jamaica


Scholarships/Furthering Education

2021 Comprehensive Pilates Certification 450 Hr Los Angeles, CA

2019 Vinyasa Yoga 200 HR Certification, Nosara, Costa Rica

2018 Pilates Mat Certification, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Dallas Faces Race National Conference, Dallas, TX

2014 Dance Exchange Summer Institute, Takoma Park, MD

2006 Jacobs Pillow, Contemporary Traditions Program Becket, MA

2002-2001 Gus Giordano’s Summer Intensive, Evanston, IL

2001 Counter Groove Summer Dance Intensive, Erica Wilson-Perkins

1998 Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Muskegon, MI

1997 Wayne State University Summer Dance Program under Leni Williams, Detroit, MI

1997 Marygrove College Dunham workshop under Tommy Gomez, Detroit, MI

 Ballet, Jazz, Dunham, Horton, Graham, partnering, folk / Afro-Caribbean

Performance Reel-

Video on YouTube:

  1. Vespers- Ulysses Dove- Solo

  2. Absolute Rule- Elisa Monte -Duet

  3. His Grace- Christopher Huggins- 1st entrance stage right /2d entrance stage right front row

  4. Escapades-Alvin Ailey -Duet

  5. Beams from Heaven- Christopher Huggins -Trio (Center girl)

  6. Night Run- Christopher Huggins Center -Couple

  7. Southern Recollections- Bridget L. Moore-Dark Blue dress

  8. Thinking of you –Rennie Harris -Stage right Hair out/duet

  9. Barbie- Sean Smith -Barbie

References available upon request

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